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to reach their full potential.



Welcome to Unsal Global Ventures, a global business consulting firm dedicated to empowering businesses and organizations to reach their full potential.

Our expertise lies in strategic guidance, innovative solutions, and personalized support, all geared towards facilitating growth and success on a global scale. At UGV, we believe in harnessing the unique strengths of each business, identifying opportunities for improvement, and implementing tailored strategies that empower our clients to achieve their loftiest goals.

With a team of seasoned consultants and a commitment to excellence, we strive to be the catalyst for transformation, driving sustainable success and fostering a future where every business thrives at its optimal capacity.

Join us in unlocking your business's true potential, and let's build a brighter, more prosperous future together.

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What We Do

Strategic Advisory

Our Strategic Advisory services are built on a foundation of broad and comprehensive business knowledge. We excel in guiding organizations in identifying new sales prospects, driving business growth, and defining essential product development requirements. With our expertise, you gain a strategic partner dedicated to enhancing your business landscape, leveraging insights to make informed decisions and paving the path to sustained success. Trust us to provide the strategic direction needed to excel in a competitive business environment, helping you achieve your growth and innovation objectives.

Mergers & Acquisitions

In the realm of mergers and acquisitions, understanding the genuine worth of a business is paramount. Intellectual Property (IP) valuation is a vital tool that aids companies in precisely gauging the value of their enterprise and formulating strategic capitalization approaches based on their asset portfolio. By delving into the valuation of intellectual property, companies can make informed decisions during M&A transactions, ensuring optimal utilization of their valuable assets and a successful integration process.

Financing & Funding

Our Financing & Funding services offer a professional approach to implementing and applying a wide array of financing methods. From traditional avenues to innovative alternatives, we bring specialized expertise to ensure the most suitable financial solutions for your specific needs. Trust us to navigate the intricate landscape of financing, enabling your business to secure the funds necessary for growth, expansion, and strategic initiatives. With our guidance, you can confidently explore diverse options and make informed decisions to fuel your success.

Capital Raising

Our Capital Raising services are an integral component of a vast international network, collaborating with esteemed investment banks and top-tier independent corporate finance and legal advisors. We leverage this extensive network to facilitate successful capital raising endeavors for your business. By combining our expertise with the insights and support of this network, we ensure a well-rounded approach that aligns with your financial goals. Trust us to navigate the complexities of capital markets and connect you with the right stakeholders to secure the funding needed for your growth and prosperity.


What We Do
Our Team

Our Team



Angel investor and Management consultant. More than 30 years of executive experience in telecom and internet sectors at Canadian, Turkish and South East Asia markets.

Çağatay Yarar.jpg

Senior M&A Executive

Thirteen years of experience in Investment Banking, corporate finance and asset management. Deloitte, Garanti Yatırım and Inter Investment. Experienced in the healthcare, retail, food and TMT industries. 

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Senior Telecom & Operations Executive with 24+ years of experience in technology management and operations, developing and implementing strategies of complex technology projects.

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Hakan Şimşek.png

Corporate Law

Since 1990 legal consulting experience in Turkey's most important organizations and associations. Management and Supervisory board member of Turkey's leading holding company.

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Ebru Altınel.png

Corporate Finance

Senior executive. 17 years of experience in corporate finance projects. Deloitte, Garanti Yatırım and Inter Investment. 

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