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Senior Telecom & Operations Executive with 24+ years of experience in technology management and operations, developing and implementing strategies of complex technology projects from start-up phase to complete design, implementation and operations of production phase of established firms.

Energetic personality with many sport activities, good coaching skills & an entrepreneurial spirit mentoring technical product and infrastructure teams to achieve targets. Ability to identify innovative technology solutions to complex problems & proven ability to manage projects under tight time constraints.

Has significant knowledge of broad IT disciplines and technologies. Expertise mainly cover areas of telecom and managing complete data center services, business continuity and disaster recovery process plans, cloud computing/ virtualization, capacity planning of systems, network and applications, integration of new innovative technology into legacy systems, implementation and operation of data center services relying on SLAs of customers, content delivery networks, network operation centers, implementation of security systems and usage of performance monitoring services. Is also competent in the field of designing web and mobile based digital platforms of internet based companies, has managed the implementation of software based application services.

Interested in operational executive leadership roles of newly built companies and/or already established firms seeking for more innovative expansions in terms of both digitalization and IT operations. 

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