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Why Choose


Global Ventures?

UNSAL Global Ventures grows technology start-ups to provide value and transformative change to a range of industries. As a team of technology, business, and marketing experts, we offer seed-stage capital, a strategic relationship network, and of experience navigating complex operational terrains to help companies reach their potential. 


Between 2009 and 2017, UNSAL Global Ventures served clients in an advisory capacity on management, marketing, business strategies. Led by Savas Unsal, the firm provided market-entry strategy and commercial intelligence in the EMEA region to high-growth companies with overseas operations and investments. These companies included Bell Canada International, Ontario Hydro, Telecom Malaysia, Petronas, Turkcell, Superonline,, Reengen and crowdFON


New technologies and their impact on shifting market dynamics has caused us to refocus our core operations to assist in intelligence gathering and analysis through scale-able technology platforms. This refocusing allowed UNSAL Global Ventures to expand its functions to help clients further unlock the benefits of technological progression.  Our offerings allow clients to capture and assess information in real-time across a variety of sector and risk areas. 


Our extensive experience in management consulting and analysis allows us to leverage our economic and regulatory expertise to identify and cultivate innovative platforms and technologies focused on the service sector - primarily technology companies, IoT, B2B and marketing technology. Our portfolio consists of companies that make intelligence operational while forging relationships to drive business growth and success.

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